80 years old

Is it just me or do I look 80? The past couple of weeks my body has ached all over. I feel like I’ve developed arthritis in my hands, feet and knees. I can’t even open a jar anymore! My level of fatigue has definitely hit chronic fatigue and quite possibly is on its way to narcolepsy. Everything wipes me out. Standing too long, sitting too long. It all feels like I just got done running the Boston Marathon. I can barely breathe going up a flight of stairs. 

This week my antibiotics have been increased significantly. I was placed on a second antibiotic, Bactrim, to help fight my co-infections. So now I’m on two antibiotics twice a day. My Herxing is just going to continue to run rampant in the days to come. I was forewarned that I will become exhausted. Here I thought that’s what I’ve already been! On a more positive note, Maybe all this sleep will remove the dark circles under my eyes. Ha! 

2 thoughts on “80 years old

  1. I so know that feeling–when you can barely straighten up when you get out of bed or stand up from a chair. And then you shuffle across the room because your legs are too stiff to pick up your feet. Ugh! I hope you are feeling better soon!


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